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  • The Key Ingredients of a Perfect Facebook Post
    Facebook is still the most popular marketing tool. If you want to make your post stand out from the crowd, follow these tips. TIME IS EVERYTHING More than half of all Facebook posts are published between 10 am and 4 pm. Skip rush hour – if you post after 4 pm you can get 20% more engagement. CALL TO ACTION  [...]
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  • From Word to ePub – How It Works
    Although print books are still very popular, eBooks are the fastest way to self-publish your book worldwide. If you want to make it easy for millions of readers to find, buy, and enjoy your book, you should make an electronic version of your printed books. Between the writing and eBook distribution steps comes the conversion-to-ePub step, and properly formatting your  [...]
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  • How to Add Your Label to Beatport & Traxsource
    Beatport and Traxsource are the home of electronic and house music. The question we are most often asked by musicians is, “How do I sell my music on Beatport and Traxsource?” This article will answer this question. BEATPORT If you want to sell your tracks on Beatport, you first need to submit a specific application. Registering your label is a  [...]
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You are an artist and want to market your music successfully? We've got you covered. As a digital music distributor, Feiyr offers artists, bands and record labels the possibility to distribute their music to all major international music streaming services, such as Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon Prime, Google Play and many more. Register online, upload your songs and sell them worldwide.

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With Feiyr, you can self-publish your eBook and get it into more than 165 online partner-shops. Feiyr distributes your eBooks to major online shops such as Amazon, iBookstore and Thalia, and many more. Our eBook support team can convert your Word data into the requested ePUB format and guide you through the release process. Self-publishers can keep 90% of their eBook profits. Sign up on Feiyr, upload your eBook and market it successfully.

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