Music Marketing Campaign

Talent is not enough – one the key success factors in the music business is a good marketing strategy. In the music industry, there are plenty of marketing opportunities. Most of artists do not have a long-term marketing plan though. In the following article, we will show you how to develop a successful marketing campaign.

Making your album took up a lot of time. You worked out the arrangement, wrote the lyrics, designed a cover artwork, and recorded the music. What is next?

Twelve weeks before release

Set your marketing strategy. Whom do you want to reach? What are the key stores for you?

Eight weeks before release

Get your music to your distributor. Important: offer pre-sales for your music!

Six to eight weeks before release

After setting your marketing strategy, find the right music blogs and get your album reviewed. Plan a release event (you can create it on Facebook too) and run a PR campaign to get media hype. As an example, Feiyr offers several promotion tools you can add up to your strategy:

  • Newsletter: you can place your album in one of our weekly newsletters and reach a wide audience.
  • Press release: write a professional press release and reach specialized journalists and decision-makers. With a press release, you can boost your album’s visibility.
  • Radio Promotion & Sampling: radio-ready single releases are a good fit for a radio promotion. Besides listing your music on the MPN, we will get you through to professional promoters.
  • DJ Campaign: if you make club music, you should try to get through to big-name DJs and convince them to play your song. Have a look at our DJ Campaign service.

Four to six weeks before release

Try to grow your fan base via social media. Engage with your fan and keep them posted to generate excitement.

Four weeks before release

Get in touch with your label manager. In an email, write key facts about your release, your promotion plan and preliminary results (online/offline reporting, feedback, airplay etc.). Have your release featured on download and streaming services.

Two weeks before release

Create suspense by starting a countdown on social. Engage artists and their communities as well.

On release day

Publish a post on all your social media and send a newsletter to your fans.

After release day

Keep it up! Engage family and friends asking them to write a review for your album on iTunes, Amazon and so on. Ask your fans to add their tracks to their Spotify or Apple Music playlists. Last but not least, plan and promote your tour.

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