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How to Successfully Sell Books/eBooks | The 10 Best Tips | Part 1

You wrote a book or eBook and now it’s time to start selling it, but as a self-publisher you don’t really know how to increase your sales and what marketing strategies you should use. Follow our 10 best tips to successfully sell your books/eBooks online and offline.       Use Social Media: Facebook, Instagram…
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Reading circles as a marketing strategy

If you host reading circles on a regular basis, you cannot only gain valuable feedback, but you can also promote your book and receive first reviews. Organization of a reading circle It is best to organize your reading circle around the release date of your book, or shortly after. To host them you can use…
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The Key Ingredients of a Perfect Facebook Post

Facebook is still the most popular marketing tool. If you want to make your post stand out from the crowd, follow these tips. TIME IS EVERYTHING More than half of all Facebook posts are published between 10 am and 4 pm. Skip rush hour – if you post after 4 pm you can get 20%…
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