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Music Streaming Royalties

The most frequently asked questions our support team receives are: “How much does an artist get per song?”, “Why does Spotify pay so little?” or „Is music streaming worth it?” With this article, we try to make sense of streaming income and to answer these questions. First of all, streaming is worth it! Spotify, Apple…
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Get Your Songs in Big Playlists

Playlists are the fuel driving both music discovery and consumption and can help songs become hit singles. Playlist and streaming are the way music consumers listen to music nowadays. Streams are not equivalent to sales or downloads though, and getting many streams does not necessarily mean you will get many fans. Having said that, every…
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How to Add a Bio on Your Spotify Artist Profile

Previously, you needed to submit your information to Rovi, the database managing music metadata for Spotify, iTunes, etc. if you wanted to manage your artist information. Now, you can edit and add your bio yourself within your Spotify for Artists account. As you already know, an artist bio can be an opportunity for you to…
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Music Marketing Campaign

Talent is not enough – one the key success factors in the music business is a good marketing strategy. In the music industry, there are plenty of marketing opportunities. Most of artists do not have a long-term marketing plan though. In the following article, we will show you how to develop a successful marketing campaign.…
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