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Music Marketing Campaign

Talent is not enough – one the key success factors in the music business is a good marketing strategy. In the music industry, there are plenty of marketing opportunities. Most of artists do not have a long-term marketing plan though. In the following article, we will show you how to develop a successful marketing campaign.…
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Big feelings and small stories from everyday life - this is what Akjela narrates in their mother tongue. Dialect is reborn in a new guise - ready for the clubs. Who is Akjela? Akjela is the name of our project, our music playground. The origins of the band date back a few years ago, when…
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Reading circles as a marketing strategy

If you host reading circles on a regular basis, you cannot only gain valuable feedback, but you can also promote your book and receive first reviews. Organization of a reading circle It is best to organize your reading circle around the release date of your book, or shortly after. To host them you can use…
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Is My YouTube-Video Eligible for Monetization?

YouTube rolled out new icons to give content creators a more detailed understanding of how each video on their channel (or channels) is monetizing as well as the ability to appeal if they think a video is misclassified. The icons will appear in the Creator Studio. If you have enabled monetization for your YouTube channel,…
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